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are you gonna post anything new soon? i miss your writingg! (:

I actually have a huge project in the works that will take some time until I’m ready to post, so have patience! The majority of my writing time is being devoted to that, but I will be filling a few prompts here and there when I get stuck with the project. And I need to write my fill for the MS MR Secondhand Rapture thing soon, so be on the lookout for that! :)

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Prompt: During a visit to Holly at the morgue Gail forgets about "Pants off, camera off" when the vest cams are reinstated.

a/n: idek what this is. I think my muse is having an existential crisis or something. I almost never do m-rated fills. And yet…

THIS IS RATED M FOR MATURE. (it’s not like, *super* M though lol)

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oops my fingers tripped and started writing smut

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ruffled hair appreciation post (◕‿◕✿)

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How did you meet your plus one forever? :) And how awesome is she, seriously?


hi anon :)

*cue subtle strum of a harp* story time…

haha jk, but we met via tumblr back in the days when we were both in the Warehouse 13 fandom, I don’t remember who started talking first but eventually we moved over to twitter and then later iMessage :) hahaha and yes she is super rad, I love her to bits ^_^

thanks for asking!

EXCUSE ME. We met via TWITTER and then tumblr came into the picture! :p Also, you tweeted me first. :p

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It does not sound odd at all. It was lovely. :)

Good! Thanks :)

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Ahhhh Gail just inserting herself into Holly's life, so freaking adorable!!!! I take it there is going to be another part to this? That just seemed like a TBC.


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why is it so hard for me to write from holly’s perspective? I regret starting that story in her perspective because i don’t usually like to chanve POV’s in the middle of a story and i find it way easier to write from Gail’s POV. 

maybe it’s because we know so much more about Gail? That’s my theory, at least. 

anyway, that’s my way of saying sorry if the fire alarm fill sounds odd at all. i struggled with it. lol

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Just give me a chance because I really want to explain myself.

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I love the fire alarm prompt, more please if you could, it's amazing.

Okely dokely.

FIVE ALARM II (part one here)

Holly huffed in annoyance as she stooped down, grabbing a wayward pen and dropping it back into her bag. Then she grabbed the pile of files that had landed in complete disarray, papers strewn all over the lobby floor of her apartment building.

Damn, that was going to take forever to straighten out.  

She was stuffing the files back into her bag when the elevator pinged its arrival. She hadn’t pressed the call button yet, so she knew that meant someone was about to get off. She hastily reached for the stack of medical journals she’d been juggling in her arms as she’d dug for her key, causing her to drop everything and make a complete mess.

“’The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology’,” came a familiar voice as a pair of black combat-style boots appeared in Holly’s line of sight. “You realize we’re in Canada, right?”

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